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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 24, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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officer wilson should face criminal charges. >> catherine: meantime a huge law enforcement presence has been on alert - including >> protect life and protect property to make sure that we do not lose anyone in this situation. >> catherine: this is the concern. >> catherine: while many of the protests have been peaceful - others have turned violent. >> catherine: crowds have clashed with police and there have been arrests in recent weeks. >> catherine: area schools have been closed.and many businesses have been boarded up as people say they have to prepare for the worst. >> catherine: protestors have indicated that regardless of the verdict - they will be out in force. among the people pleading for calm -- michael brown's parents.and president obama. >> catherine: stay with kron 4 news tonight. for all of
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the developments from ferguson missouri. we will go live to the press o'clock our time >> reporter: there were no board and business as usual for most shops monday afternoon. >> have never considered importing up we are a part of the community and we are not afraid of the community. >> reporter: those who run this place are hoping for the best. >> is to the protesters are very respectful of of being a small business. >> reporter: so there are no boards going up across the street at this in small business. >> last time we were vandalized and had our windows smashed, we give
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this city so much love and we hope that their return it to us. police >> reporter: presence has increased in the downtown area. --police presence. >> all 700 officers have been trained to deal with crowd control in a way that will isolate people that are violent and also respect people's rights to protest. >> it is an opportunity to talk about anchor in fear and practically, how to heal the committee in regard to taking part in our handling facilities. --healing.
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>> pam: another security breach at mineta san jose international airport has once again renewed the call for more scrutiny on airport security. kron four's rob fladeboe brings you up to date on the jose, rob? >> reporter: this latest security breach occurred here on the west side of the airport. we know, that there is exactly how it was breached. we do know who he is tonight. the listed in look at the video of this is the mug shot of 39 year old mcgill. miguel. we do know that about 1015 sunday
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morning he was spotted in the inside of the security fence and it actually on the tarmac near the aviation rep. he was as ordered and the lobby by employees that were waiting for police. at that point he felice and take off into the parking lot where he encounters a city may in this truck. driving all sight of the fence and get back over to a terminal b where he is probably arrested. the security system did do this job and it did work but others are seen not so far or not so fast. this is another example of how their pores are in need of it from mr. detection system where it would alert the authorities to be met systems are breached.
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>> we do know if he'd tell did it behind someone else the head a badge or jump over the fence. what i am most concerned with is to making sure that as soon as the bridge is happening we can intervene and stop this from happening. stop them from running all around the terminal or harming someone. i am calling on airports, i know that the cost of money and require training but i do believe that these systems will should be in place to protect from to members. printers. -- peremiters
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>> reporter: flight safety was not impacted in any way. the transportation security administration says it has confiscated a record number of guns at airports so far this year. >> reporter: regency candles that were left in the shape of a cross that work said here in place. the three men were walking here in henry street when they were approached by five male suspects print one of the suspect pulled a handgun. the suspect with a gun fired and hit one of the victims'. that man later died at the hospital. people who live on the tree-lined streets as they are disturbed by what happened. >> this is very frightening.
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>> we walked around is blocks several times a day. maybe we will walk together now. >> reporter: this used to beat a quiet neighborhood and this injured as a that is bringing back another incident that happened. no arrests were ever made in that killing. >> this is kind of scary. it used to be real quiet so it is kind of a shot. --shock. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> pam: looks like pablo sandovol will not be a san
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francisco giant next season. at 515 gary has details of the deal that has dependably been the bay area. then at 530 what happened this morning and cupertino that has won neighborhood on is tonight. and as the world get bigger so does our waste lines. next troubling news about obesity rates are on the gold. --around the globe.
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my nai'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling.
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>> pam: about 30 percent of the world's population are now overweight or obese. >> pam: according to a new report by the mckinsey global institute the global cost of obesity has risen to 2 trillion-dollars annually - nearly as much as smoking. >> pam: the study also predicts nearly half of the world's adult population will be overweight or obese by the year of 2030. mckinsey says there's no single or simple solution to the problem, but global disagreement on how to move forward is hurting progress. >> pam: still ahead. pablo sandoval is headed to boston. gary joins us next with the details of the deal. and what the giants are saying tonight. >> pam: plus. it's one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. and this week could be exteremly complicated for anyone headed to the east coast later this week. >> pam: we'll explain why.
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>> pam: after a lot of speculation following the
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world series. it's now official. giants third baseman pablo sandoval is leaving the team. >> pam: kron 4's sports director gary radnich joins us with >> pam: a lot of us sat folks all around. but he's pretty happy i guess. when you think of all of the cheering at the rate and plaza or they had the game after the series. now he is gone? >> gary: if the giants reportedly or ready to match the red sox offer he would stay possibly? >> gary: his regular season is rather pedestrian to 79 and 16 home runs but where
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he earned his money... 366 in the pro season. he issued a statement this afternoon he did not but the giants did come out what one critic he has been a key member with the giants since 2008 and we would never forget his world series in mvp performance as well. his connection with giants fans, young and old is truly special and he will be greatly missed. we wish him nothing but the best in boston. >> gary: for those of us who have lived a little bit you could say, the bay area has loved him here. even with one bad year the still love him. and i am kind of stunned by this court why would you ever want to go and leave a franchise where you have 13 and the years
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he's been there. but a man called in today and says that he still young creek some so you have to take it out of your own back. --bag >> gary: is one of those deals where the giants, for the very least have promoted that they put out the same number as boston print but is something about the giants, i guess he just did not want to be here any longer. >> >> reporter: there are a few fans that walked by to say thatpablo is leaving and we
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are bums. bummed. >> reporter: they made him a final offer, in regards to the giants matching austin's rape occurred it seems like that was not the only offer that it did go somewhere or but he still did not accept. they are moving for and as for giants fans we did go into the dugout stores to see if there were still items on the rent but no, it has been cleared out outside the store it was pretty somber to see one of their favorite players leave the town. >> we are going to miss him. he was a great part of the team. >> if he had been offered the 90 million before he started he would be here and
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be here for four more years or five more years to rid it is a business trip it is a business tr >> i hope him the best in boston. however, i hope he lewis' one we played him pretty--he lose. >> gary: mike is not happy with kelly either. --with him leaving either. >> gary: maybe last year
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they did not give him what they wanted and so maybe he became frustrated. i am shock that he is leaving. back in boston and it will be different. the giants will see what the next move is separate but it will not include sandoval. sandoval informed the giants >> reporter: we do see sad giants fans is not just jasons kids. >> thank you red sox we will
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miss you. >> reporter: sad to see him go and it breaks my heart and i wished he could stay in the bay thanks for the good times. there was quite a bit of good times. at the age of 28 is now headed to boston course we are still mourning the loss. >> pam: another woman comes forward accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. as hear from her on what she said happened. hey john, check it out.
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>> pam: the insider's keltie knight was all over the a-m- a's. on the red carpet and los angeles with more >> reporter: selena emotional performance was the most talked-about performance of the night. not for the song but this cut away >> this is a very personal song. >> reporter: charlie was just one of the feisty ex of the night creek grow our action as a point. a girl power! >> reporter: his one directional award. jake came out with a bank bank. -bang
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is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: team coverage starts tonight with catherine heenan. catherine? >> reporter: >> catherine: learning what
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a grand jury decided and that was early today on brother the officer should be indicted on criminal charges print there has been a huge lot enforcement presence. there could be riots some are concerned if wilson is not indicted. if for some that has been the expectations. you're looking at and ariel bill from earlier tonight. among those making a plea for peace is the mystery governor. >> earlier today at visited with people in person and i understand like the rest of us they are on edge waiting for a decision but they are trying to go on with their daily lives and conduct their business and support one another in their community. >> catherine: is is the memorial for michael brought in has been here. it marks
5:31 pm
where he was shot and killed his parents have been pleading with people to keep the peace after the verdict has been announced. some people are asking why has it been so long. >> pam: helping to sort out some of the questions surrounding the ferguson case, michael yaki is here with us. >> first-degree involves conscious planning involvement. manslaughter it is more of a heat of rage or involuntary manslaughter mean something that you really didn't mean to do but
5:32 pm
it was reckless. all the way down to, no true bill which means no and i was so ever. >> pam: the law you were telling me about the folly about the law? fleaing >> you cannot shoot someone unless you have a reason for them to beat a threat to public safety or commit a serious crime however, mr. lott is different creek is this such a can use deadly force if the person has been believed to have committed a felony or is about to commit another felony. >> that is why most of these cases or very few cases against police officers are
5:33 pm
brought in these certain situations. the police officer making a decision in a split said that. in this case a 92nd window. >> pam: some people are asking what is this taking so long been this is what is keeping the tension the building. >> all i think this to prepare for something bad. earlier this talk about a 40 hour notice because that did not happen, so when they reached the verdict this morning they went into overdrive and push the timing back twice. i think that is because they are trying to prepare for what some will lead to civil disobedience creek >> if he is indicted he will be requested to turn himself
5:34 pm
on and then question for trial. >> pam: it is not a criminal case this is a civil case with monetary damage? >> yes. >> pam: we will continue to keep an eye on that case as we move on to other news tonight. >> pam: an early morning home and bashan robbery in cupertino has a neighborhood on the edge tonight. as to men as a man broke into a home with the residence inside. as kron4 will tram reports there are still an answer to questions about the crime as suspects are still on the loose.
5:35 pm
>> about five minutes later we see the set at 911 call from the pit them. as we were trying to set up a perimeter of the two suspects slipped out the back. we contacted sunnyvale and they came in searching to find the suspect we did this for about two hours. we have broken down the printer and our crime scene investigators are on the way in we will process the evidence at to see how much evidence we can achieve to identify the suspects creek no weapon was seen. >> it is too early to tell if this was targeted or random. at this time we do not have the information to believe that there were targeted but they will or we
5:36 pm
will work to look into this current >> reporter: to know that the object of/home owners were not injured creek in cupertino kron 4 news. >> pam: police in vallejo are looking for two male suspects who burglarized a house. it happened on skyline drive last thursday. >> pam: these are pictures of the two suspects taken from the home's camera system. the alarm company contacted police to report a rear door smash. >> pam: officers arrived on scene and checked the house and the entire neighborhood for possible suspects. who fled the area prior to police arriving. .. >> jacqueline: temperatures are in the '60s for the most part it was a gorgeous day. same thing and that but at
5:37 pm
and at the end december fell. in san francisco and it was 67 degrees. also chilly temperatures in certain areas. 58 degrees in oakland, '60s and concord and 62 in livermore. we are talking about thirties as we get into the overnight hours would chilly overnight temperatures. also in fairfield with low 40's and in inland valleys and down to the south bay. into the afternoon warmer than what we saw today in fact, we will see 70 degree temperatures tomorrow creek it will stick pretty nice through thanksgiving. >> jacqueline: rain is expected to return and we will take a look at your extended forecast next year >> pam: we have news on
5:38 pm
thanksgiving travel predictions. and it's not good. >> pam: even as people in upstate new york continue to dig out after a monster snowstorm. will >> pam: all wall street record stayed at a record level. here are the closing numbers for monday. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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>> pam: more than one dozen women have come for accusing bill cosby of assault and rape. >> pam: she said cosby has also occurred in 1965. >> i wish she had the courage to come forward with the truth. who would want 50
5:42 pm
minutes of this kind of not not saying it, shame. >> pam: was the other woman would come for it as well. --wish other woman. >> jacqueline: was tough u.n. rain will return will return before thanksgiving? i will have the information
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>> catherine: we have news on thanksgiving travel predictions. and it is not good. even as people in upstate new york continued to dig out after a monster snowstorm. there is news that a northeaster could develop wednesday along the east coast of. of course that is just millions of travelers are heading to holiday destinations. >> catherine: the storm could bring rain to many coastal cities, but up to a foot of snow isfall inland and at higher elevations. >> catherine: there could be
5:47 pm
travel delays of all kinds - including for anyone getting on a plane. with the ripple effect hitting other parts of the country. >> catherine: and weather could slow down drivers on the east coast. >> catherine: more than 46- million americans are expected to drive more than 50 miles from home during the thanksgiving weekend.a significant jump from last year. >> catherine: a silver lining -- economists say the strong forecast of holiday travel is an encouraging sign of the recovering economy. >> jacqueline: 67 degrees and half moon bay and san francisco creek tonight it will stay clear but it will be chilly in certain areas. as we hit into tomorrow will be in a little warmer hitting seven degree readings in a different area. here is a look a satellite ryder picture with clear skies the storm trackers showing us well to the north of us. >> jacqueline: out the door tomorrow it is a little
5:48 pm
chilly in santa rosa, n.m. but and fairfield creek golf 40¢ in the south bay. were mild in san francisco and richmond with 51 degrees in both locations 72 degrees in cupertino, santa clara and mountain view. upper 70's and land as well with pleasanton and livermore and castro valleys. as we head over to the coast line 60 separate '60s in san francisco and upper 60s for the north day. >> jacqueline: very mild conditions for thanksgiving with a light wind. we will see shourd return and we do need it. here is our seasonal rainfall total. you can see we are between an
5:49 pm
inch and 3 in. of around the bay area depending on where you look creek the percent is well below will needed to be for certain places. a lot closer to where we should be in oakland and concord, getting there in san francisco and hayward. we do need a good deal of more showers. we do have tried conditions through thanksgiving but friday night, or into saturday, sunday and monday the showers will return sticking to last through the weekend. >> jacqueline: thank you. >> reporter: the european union talking about breaking up of google? >> countries like germany see 90 percent dominance in search, very similar to what microsoft went through with
5:50 pm
york in the '90s doctorate the browser been put to the operating system and if something did go will have to take seriously however, is at the same time with regard to a monopoly. >> >> reporter: have a new postmaster general coming in soon and she would turn things around in regard to the post office and will it win or lose? >> losing half a million dollars each year it is tough. sarcastically, and not even sarcastically i was in the post office and had to commit 30 to 35 minutes when i was in their creek they have to change the image. they have to run the company like a private sector company. and that is with the new general says that she will do.
5:51 pm
people >> are expecting the new hundred games a mocking j. to a man over million-dollar opening. more than the first movie, but poor reviews are hurting its a that competition with interstellar. so not a good time for this franchise. the movie does end on a cliffhanger sole you have to watch to parse the to this diem. you have to watch to parts-to this movie. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: breaking news tonight we are waiting for the verdict of the michael brown case. awaiting word
5:52 pm
on that decision. the other is of a ground shot of the area where police are mobilized in the area. enforcement is trying to step back to see where or how people will react to the decision of the grand jury decision regarding the case of michael brown bric >> pam: you can see people are gathering at the motions are tense and that area. we will be right back hey! welcome home! hey mom!
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: offering a new way for a person to enter a pickup street and prepare them to take the road. this user will, the handlebars to power the sculptured giving you cardio exercise exercise while getting on roundtrip >> reporter: picture tiles representing letters, words and sentences. you tap the tile and cut the sentence together and have the tablet speak for them. >> pam: protest has already
5:57 pm
started and these are people run the country. in anticipation of the grand jury verdict. we are just minutes away from a scheduled announcement and will bring back to you live. and then and size of the time and berkeley. despite the bold and the region but continued to protest over plans to intuition on the university of california campuses.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: not at 6:00is the decision the country has been waiting for since the august shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. >> pam: will the white
6:00 pm
police officer who shot him be indicted on criminal charges? >> pam: a grand jury verdict will be announced any moment. the decision reached this morning.. >> pam: there's a huge law enforcement presence in and around ferguson, missouri. the concern - protests that could become riots. >> catherine: a grand jury verdict will be announced any moment. the decision reached this morning and there is a huge law enforcement presence in and around for this misery. the concern for a test that could become rights. >> catherine: this is a memorial to brown - marking the spot where he was shot. at a news conference a short time ago -- one official said he didn't want residents to feel they had to take up
6:01 pm
arms. >> we are not that kind of community i do not want someone to act accidentally shoot someone. this is not the time to turn on each other this is the time to come together and become one community. >> catherine: this is an aerial view of ferguson from earlier tonight. things have been relatively quiet -- >> catherine: but the concern, of course, is focused on what happens after that verdict is announced. return >> reporter: michael brown, by the state and district for more than four hours after being shot. people feel that his body was not handled correctly. some
6:02 pm
demonstrators have complained that local police officers are been too heavy-handed at an august 15th after a week of all rest officer was and is identified as the shooter. 10 days later his body is laid to rest. as police or astheir respects. august 7th teen the announced it a stake of an emergency for the national guard to stand by. >> reporter: the grand jury consists of nine white people and three black people and again, we are awaiting that decision. >> pam: this is a live picture tonight protestors are gathering the decision from the grand jury. this is our part-up with a b seven
6:03 pm
it does look like a hundred or more people have gathered and oakland police have also been prepared and a number of police are around the country creek >> pam: we will keep an eye on developing moments and ferguson and other areas in regard to this newscast. stay with kron 4 news for continuing coverage on the michael brown shooting. >> pam:we have more information on our website.kron 4 dot com. you can also sould off on the decision on our facebook and twitter pages. >> pam: most open in the community that if there are protests that they remain peaceful. >> we opened and the mast of occupied oakland and we have seen various protests had been especially being on broadway. there is a protest two or three times a week creek they are uc always peaceful. the
6:04 pm
protesters are used liberally respectful of the lesbian and small business. being a small business. >> pam: the centers are designed to allow participants to talk about the decision and discussed emotions that come up as a result. expected reaction in san francisco glide memorial church is opening their doors to allow people to come in and express their feelings of the grand jury's decision in part as sen. organizers say the sanctuary will be a non violent place to share ideas and stories. this is a peaceful and nonviolent activism. >> pam: we have more
6:05 pm
information or our web site as well and is sound off on the decision on our facebook and twitter pages and will bring that to you live once it is announced. >> pam: is a new high tech perimeter fence the only solution to at mineta san jose that's how one bay areathings after the latest such breach on sunday. >> pam: kron four's rob fladeboe explains what happened and what the law maker says should be done. >> reporter:we know that the security breach occurred here on the west side of the airport near the general aviation facilities. but what we're still waiting to hear is exactly where it happened and how the intuder got past this fence. >> reporter:this is the mug shot of 39- now in the county jail charged with tresspassing and auto theft. san jose police say zaragosa was confronted on the tarmac near the atlantic aviation ramp about 10:15 sunday morning and the escorted by employees to atalntic's lobby to await the arrival of police. zaragosa then fled into
6:06 pm
the parking lot, stole and a city maintenance truck and then drove to terminal b where he was arrested. in a staement, the airport says it's security worked as intended but >> reporter:congressman eric swalwell, a member of the homeland security transportation committee, says what this and other airports need is a perimter detection system. >> reporter:rep eric swalwell/ pleasanton >> we do not know if he jumped over the fence or tell did it behind someone else that had a bench. what i am most concerned about is the moment the bridge happens he can intervene and stop the person rather than risking safety passage by
6:07 pm
having someone walking around the runway or perimeter spirit >> reporter:swallwell admits such a system would be expensive and require congress to act but insists the technology would have detected sunday's intruder right away and would also have helped deal with two previous security breaches when a woman got past security and onto a plane and when a teenager got past the fence andflight to hawaii in the wheel well of a plane what's also not clear is what may have motivated zaragosa's actions. swalwell >> reporter:he he could do it, so could a terrorist. the airport says there was never any threat to public safety and no disruption to flight operations. in san jose rob >> grant:this is the third security breach of this year at san jose's airport. in april, a homesick teenager from africa sneaked into the wheel well of a hawaii=bound airliner. >> grant:fifteen year old yahya abdi crawled into the wheel well spending five and a half hours in subzero temperatures before the plane landed at maui.
6:08 pm
>> grant:a security camera showed the teenager, groggy and staggering on the runway. >> grant:he was treated and flown home to the bay area. this time inside the cabin. the day after the incident, security was visibly tightened at the airport. >> grant:the next breach was inside >> grant:in august, serial stowaway marilyn hartman made it the headlines when she hopped a plane to los angeles, without a ticket. >> grant:she had been stopped multiple times before at sanhartman was arested at l=a=x, given probation, arrested again, and sentenced to 117 days in jail. she served three days, was >> grant: >> grant: released due to jail overcrowding and arrested again trying to board a plane in phoenix. >> grant: the only place she has actually made it onto a
6:09 pm
san jose airport officials say hartman was able to make it through security because the screener was busy documents. >> jacqueline: it will get chilly up there tonight with clear skies but no f o g expected to form. it will drop in the '30's print for your tuesday afternoon, sunny skies again. however, a little warmer than today. friday night into saturday the showers are expected to return. the let it will go all through the weekend anchor it will take a look at that and talk about how much more linguine or should have. --rain we should have, >> pam: still ahead. san francisco police are on the hunt for the suspects behind a deadly shooting.
6:10 pm
>> pam: plus, say it aint so! pablo sandoval is headed to another team. >> pam: we'll break down where he's sports. and fired up students on the campus of uc berkeley. >> pam: why they staged this huge protest today. >> pam: we will be back.
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6:13 pm
a single-engine plane that crashed and killed two passengers near gilroy on november 8 collided accidentally with power lines and steep terrain. >> pam: a single engine plane that crashed and killed two passengers know gilroy on november 8th collided at the delay but power lines in steep terrain. >> pam: the two-seat cessna 140a was going from frazier lake airport in hollister to monterey bay academy airport in watsonville. >> pam: jon richard dennis from from san jose are two passengers who were killed >> pam: according to the ntsb the flight of the cessna, was a personal one for the pilot filed. >> pam: the plane was located five miles north of frazier lake airport by search and rescue
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
we take you live to ferguson misery mystery. >> because of the various descriptions what happened never start answering. the same goal counting police had investigated a truck that at least once with the gun fire beginning that they in continuing to the next three months along with the agents of the federal bureau of investigation and direction of the attorney general, eric holder has located numerous
6:17 pm
individuals and received information. police aware an uncrowded concerned with our community the investigation and you of this tragic death may not be full and fair, i decided immediately that all of the physical evidence gathered, any witnesses that have with this in the parts of the shooting and other information will be reduced to the grand jury to rid selected by a judge make of this your way be young this should tankering permit--way beyond this shooting occurring. >> falling defects wherever they may take desperate are separate investigation
6:18 pm
followed that true of that with no preconceived message of for that will take us. to give the grand jury and department of justice and ultimately the public all available at this to make an informed decision. all evidence contained by authorities were shared with likewise evidence by st. louis police was he merely shared with the federal investigators. >> another autopsy was performed at the request of the brown family and justice a court ruling said louis grand jury swift the investigations being separate local and federal, it is all the same evidence.
6:19 pm
the presentation of the evidence to the grand jury a st. louis county has been completed. the challenge has been the 24 hour news cycle s insatiable appetite for any think to talk about creek closely behind the not stop the rumors on social media. >> yet, those close the regarded the tilsit, especially about the physical evidence mastering the truthfulness of this investigation. many witnesses to the shooting of michael brown made statements and consistent with other statements that they have made conflicting with evidence/physical evidence. as an example for
6:20 pm
the results of the private autopsy were released zero witnesses on social media career interviews with the media at even questioned by law-enforcement claim that officer wilson was steady over michael brown and fired many routes and to his back. the others stated that they shot that mr. wilson shot michael brown and the back as he was running away creek there were no wounds sustained to the back of his body and no a claim. certain witnesses adjusted their claims. some even admit that they did not would this be a that at all but reported what they heard from others. unfortunately for the integrity of our investigation are initial witnesses were recorded. the statement and the testimony
6:21 pm
, were reported to the grand jury before autopsy was recorded. and before several media outlets published information that was received but abc official. --dc. >> my to assistance start presenting to the grand jury on august 20th derrick the evidence was president and foreign and organized manner. the jury gave its a schedule of when they could meet in all 12 were available. the extended every item of evidence% beginning august 20th 20 @
6:22 pm
and continuing to today they worked tirelessly to examine and re-examining all of the testimony and physical evidence creek they were clearly engaged in the process patrick requesting specific witnesses and specific affirmation, and asking for sell certain physical evidence. they have heard more than 70 hours of testimony from numerous witnesses including interviews they heard from three medical examiner's an expert on blood, dna and toxicology including fire arms accurate they have identified or rebuilt several documents they were instructed and presented with five indictments. murder to the first degree
6:23 pm
and involuntary manslaughter based on all of the evidence and probable cause existed a crime committed and officer watson was the one that committed that crime. there is no question that he caused the death of him by shooting him but the question is to not end there. law officers used deadly processes in certain situations. the grand jury will consider whether wilson was the aggressor in this case or rather he was or there was probable cause that daren't was that was authorized with lot enforcement illegalities to use self defense. >> there was a full
6:24 pm
investigation and presentation of odd as it is inappropriate instruction to the grand jury. second, there is a caution to those in and out of the media who will conduct on a single sentence or witness to decide what should happen in this case based on that tiny bit of information that grand jury is to separate fact from fiction and to decide if the evidence is supported of the filing of criminal and best negations charged to barron will separate--darren wilson. >> that are the only people and i say the only piece that have hurt every piece of evidence and information they have discussed this information amongst themselves before coming to
6:25 pm
a final decision. they have liberated over two days making their final decision. they have determined that no probable cause existed to fund charges against officer will sen. the physical and scientific examine evidence compiled by witness statements and substance of tells the tragic story of what happened with the general synopsis. >> please note that as i have promised the evidence that i have given to the witnesses and testimony provided will be released at the conclusion of the statement. the approximately, at 1145 on the night of august there will send, officer brit was called to an emergency
6:26 pm
involving a 2 month old having trouble breathing. wilson, still hurt a radio call of the person still in. the broadcast at the tell a black male with a t-shirt who took some guards from a store. --cigars. >> offered to wilson left the complex and drove west. the addition of stealing suspect was broadcast about the time. wearing a red hat, khaki shorts and yellow socks king he was with another male. officer was some was attending to an emergency call, michael brown and a companion was in
6:27 pm
a local convenience store. michael brought activity was recorded by the store's security camera. video often played the following his role by ferguson police grabbing a handful but cigarettes. without paying a lot of the store. someone inside the store called the police. the two walked east on canfield in the middle of the street. michael brown behind his companion. officer will send headed towards their direction. wilson slowed or stopped and reached mr. brown he told them to move to decide what patrick words were exchanged and it continued walking down the middle of the street. as the past was an observer that he had cigars in his hand and was wearing red hat and yellow socks.
6:28 pm
>> radioed that he had to individuals on capp build and needed assistance. that and go blocking their path and the flow of traffic in both directions. several cars approached from both east and west and were on able to test the vehicles. an altercation occurred with wilson and the car and mr. brown at the driver's window. for an altercation two shots were fired by officer will sit must go inside the vehicle. mr. brown ran east on can't build an officer was and gave chase. on the corner of canfield mr. brown stopped and turned back towards officer wilson and he stopped as well. michael brown move towards offers a was in several more shots were fired by the officer. michael brown was fatally wounded. and second of the final shot, the car arrived
6:29 pm
and i second pass between their first contact with michael brown and company and the far right of that assistance. during the investigation i witnesses were interviewed by various media outlets. several others decided not to talk to the media but contacted law-enforcement directly. >> all statements were provided to the other party spirit all previous statements were presented to the grand jury rather they were media interviews or interviews by the f a b i ordered police department. --fbi or police dpet. >> to paring evidence to for
6:30 pm
consistency. it does not change because the public pressure or agenda. it does not look away as a that are unfolding. physical evidence remains constant in such as a solid foundation as to which the case is built. as they exchange, where mrs. were confronted with the inconsistencies and conflict with physical evidence. some admitted that they did not actually see the shooting or only sought a part of the shooting and had only repeated what they had heard on the street. others had adjusted to fit the fact. some stood by our original statements and their statements were discredited by the physical evidence. some witnesses were seen an altercation between mr. brown and officer was the interest it was described as hustling,
6:31 pm
wrestling or a tug of war or to some movement. some witness to punching what he was inside the vehicle. some others heard a gunshot wahl officer was was still partially in sight be the culprit sums is no parts of mr. brown was near the window and that it was shot fired while mr. brown was offside of the vehicle. >> mr. brown's blood and d in and it was located on the outside of the driver's door. also found on the left rear passenger door of the police still ohrid mr. brown blood at the in and was found on the inside of the door. the upper left side of the pants leg of offers a
6:32 pm
wilson and his weapon. additionally, a bullet fired from his weapon was located inside the driver's door. the shot was fired from inside the vehicle striking the door in a downward angle at the armrest. regarding the gunshot wound it should be noted that three separate autopsies were conducted. one by st. louis and the other by pathologists and the other by department of defense. consistent with all three and a significant respect. the path of the bullet was a way from the tip of the hat and showed consistent with the close range gun shot that was present inside the won't.
6:33 pm
wound >> almost all witnesses stated that after they heard the shot fired from mr. brown was at the car he hesitated and then re east on canfield. getting out of his bill called officer was and chased him. some witnesses fired that offers a wilson fired and mr. brown striking him for it once did strike mr. brown. others as he did not fire and to mr. brown came back towards the officer wilson bridge at least one witness says officer waldman offers a wealth and got out of his vehicles he shot mr. from multiple times and he stood next to the vehicle. another witness stated that officer wilson stuck his gun out of the window and fired at michael brown as he was running.
6:34 pm
>> there were two officers present but only one officer fired a weapon. at copper creek mr. brown did turn around and face mr. wilson for it or officer will separate sums it that he did not come from officer was and at all. other testimony before different before the grand jury says that they acknowledge that they they did not actually see the shooting and some work running for cover some were running for cover and others were relating to what they had heard. >> other said that he was shot, several witnesses says mr. brown did not raise his
6:35 pm
hands at all or raise them briefly then drop them and turned towards offers a wealth and who then fired several rounds at mr. brown. one described his movement toward officer wilson as a full charge creek according to some other witnesses he stopped firing when mr. brown stopped moving toward him and then resumed firing when he started moving towards him again. these witnesses did not make any statements to the media. the description of how mr. brown raised his hand or the position of his hand is not consistent among the witnesses creek some described it as being the side others were saying that it was raised by his head or shoulders. others describe his hands as in a running
6:36 pm
condition or fist. >> several witnesses said that mr. brown never move towards officer will someone shot where he stood at the corner. most, said that he was shot and he moves towards will send to rick they say that moving fast and stumbling or four charged creek other aspects of this case, bearing conditions by several witnesses in subsequent state of testimony. entire area was processed by the crime scene unit. total of 12 bonds was used by officer wilson. to at the car and 10 more near east canfield. he sustained a six or seven more gunshot wounds
6:37 pm
dependent on whether one of the shots for injury or reentry won't. mr. brown received a graze wound, a second graze wound near his bicep and near his right forearm and right arm collateral right chest and upper right chest and four hits and top of his the top of the hit the forehead and perhaps the upper right persisted or consistent with his body being in opposition. undetermined of the order of the shots and the greatest to the bomb is likely the first wound is the only first or close range shot. the top of his hit, was likely the last that will incapacitate him.
6:38 pm
>> mr. brown blood was located approximately 25 ft. farther east near past his body. during video chat inadvertently captured in the final 10 shots on tape there was a string of several shots fired by a brief calls and another string of several shot. -- brief pause >> ever mindful that this decision will not be accepted by some current and may cause disappointment for and the criminal justice system may be the heart may be determined by science and physical evidence. not in response to public outcry.
6:39 pm
decision on a matter as charging an individual with a crime cannot simply be decided curette anything less is not just the spirit is my sworn duty is to seek justice. i do want to say that during this extremely tense and painful time that we have had... the citizens of this community are or should be very mindful that the whole world is watching and how we respond and react i'd urge you with the loss suffered by the brown family no one should lose anyone under the circumstances. it has given us an opportunity to address the old wounds as opposed to in the past. with a freight away how many years have we been talking
6:40 pm
about these incidents that lead to in situations like this. and get up. we're into a state away. i urge everyone to engage in to conversation or demonstration to keep that going as they with it and not to let that go and to do it in a constructive way where we can profit from this and we were we can benefit from it by changing the structure and changing the issues as solving some of the issues of the sorts of things. i join with the michael brown's family and what the clergy and with anyone else for everyone else in the naacp or the early every government official the to have heard and urging that everyone continue the demonstration and that we continue the discussion addressing the problems but do so in a constructive way and not in a negative manner.
6:41 pm
>> the gentleman in the black squatter sweater. -- >> pam: you have been watching live the prosecutor overseeing the michael braun shooting case in of ferguson misery with the grand jury decision san there is no probable cause to indict ferguson officer michael durant officer barron will center it by officer gary walton, 20 years old a police officer for eight years creek at police officers for six years is far concentric >> pam: this is an unconditional announcement creek
6:42 pm
>> pam: we have michael here to access what has happened here. >> it is very hard to indict the police in the situations creek and makes it very difficult creek he was very defensive throughout his entire presentation and he criticized the media all lot. but more importantly he began with a select regulation that they would now have revealed a what they wait or did not way. this is a very long the fence. he is an elected official. he was not running the show occurred he was a lull in the grand jury to run the show. --allowing the grand jury to run the show.
6:43 pm
>> could do everything at the kitchen sink everything but the kitchen sink at the jury. a true bill print it is very hard to do it is a very high standard to begin with but this certainly did not help it. i believe that process along and his explanation will create some substantial questions in the days ahead >> pam: this was very complex to have been meeting on the 20 as 4¢ to 20 electric do not know the evidence but he does intend to release it and that is unusual. >> he did say that he was on to do that and apparently,
6:44 pm
he is sworn to release the evidence and information. >> i believe that is not very important but i do believe what we will see that as important as all lot of an affirmation that will bear up the media with a lot of information and on the question is what will stress in what did they consider, the troupe the grand jury what they consider to help way was credible and not credible and that is what people will look for in the transcripts. >> pam: less check in hand with the grant lotus keeping an eye on the bay area and people run the country responding and reacting to this decision. >> grant: around the country seattle, new york city and a deaf ear among them. from ferguson where thousands of protesters have gathered and
6:45 pm
there are reports that what are rest have been made and some people were throwing bottles at police. certainly, a situation they are ready for and ferguson. at the governor contacting the law enforcement and week ago. we also had a live picture with oakland and ariel images from our helicopter parts issue with abc seven newsprint the crowd has gathered at 14th and broadway and then started marching right when the decision was being written. the crowd of about 100 people staged a four and half minute moment of silence to symbolize the 4 1/2 hours that michael brown body was in the street after his killing creek a lot of people in oakland were down on the street would chuckle rather bodies. you can see the group protesting what
6:46 pm
the group separating into. the police has blocked that effort. >> grant: the deceit and a couple of dozen of people. we will monitor the condition in oakland accurate as the nation react to the news that officer derek will sit would not be indicted. we'll continue to follow information and we will be right back. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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>> catherine: national guard
6:55 pm
armory in ferguson. police said brown was shot only when he charge the officer in what for his awareness is also state bay he had his hands up as a record when he was shot. the bottom line state that the grand jury did not and died officer barron will sen. did not indit officer darren wilson. >> jacqueline: almost 40 degree temperatures and the south bay or inland occurred we will see 70's
6:56 pm
and land as well for the most part will be under the upper 60s. '60s and hayward and upper 60s near the coast line in san francisco and a few low 70's for the north bay. taking a look at the extended forecast we do have some nice weather and for the thinking holiday late friday and into saturday showers are expected to return and be in the area through the weekend. >> pam: there are a number of protests under way in regard to the decision from the grand jury to not indict officer darren wilson for
6:57 pm
the killing of michael brown. we will have more updates when we return. keltie and lloyd's backstage pass at the
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has he become hollywood's most polarizing person? his friends, critics and colleagues respond. >> if he is a rapist, then that's what he is. >> let's go inside. >> a public witch-hunt. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/1. it's the "insider" together with yahoo!. >> cosby cries on stage, but you might be surprised why. >> yeah. >> as hollywood delivers a split decision, the court of public opinion continues to deliberate the allegations against him. hello, everybody. i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm keltie knight. we'll go inside hollywood's reaction as the scandal surrounding cosby intensifies, but first our thea andrews joins us from new york city with pre-holiday cheer. hey, thea. >> hey, thea. >> hey, keltie and louis. i'm here getting ready to host the thanksgiving day parade special on cbs on thursday but in between rehearsals i stole some time to talk to my idol, the incomparable meryl streep. >> did you really sing with meryl streep? >> i tried. i don't know if you called it singing, but i opened my mouth and words came out. >> can't wait to see that. all right. we'll see you in


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